CREAMFIELDS 2019: Who doesn’t love electronic music

Lorenzo Sabatini

The world’s biggest electronic line up will meet at Daresbury from the 22nd to the 25th of August 2019 during a bank holiday in the United Kingdom): three days of live DJ set that you must be prepared  to sustain. The massive energetic flow which will endure during the three days organized in the UK is something that is not so easy to see somewhere else. Creamfields over the years has become always more  important in the clubbing music industry. Headliners of the 2019 edition will be performers such as deadmau5, Carl Cox, The Chemical Brothers and more commercial music celebs (Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris to count a few).

What to expect from the main protagonists of the show? Let’s see what they have been through lately! The electronic phenomenon duo named Chemical Brothers will enchant the audience after the recent release of their psychedelic single “Eve of Destruction” and a significative performance at London’s 02 Arena this July. The huge DJ Carl Cox  practically never stop touring! He will enjoy Daresbury just after Ibiza, Holland, and France. On his official website, he has stated that “It is just the beginning of a new era” and we fully trust him, he’s never going to stop! Toronto Dj and producer deadmau5 is back on track stronger than ever after having announced in 2018 he would have retired due to stress. Luckily for us, helped by his family and a team of mental health doctors, not only he hasn’t, but he has resumed djing stronger than ever (also thanks to social media detox). Now you know the place to be in August, electronic lovers!


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