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Hey Guys,

It’s Friday again, weeks are flashing by aren’t they? I mean like, my weeks feel so short and everything is going so fast.
Sorry if you’re in your finals or still have to start, but this is my prime time.
My blog never had this meany visits as it does now during this time of year.
People who normally are studying now seem to find their way back to my blog!
Love you guys haha!

Now, about my bad-ass Scandinavian, more precisely Danish look. First of all why Danish?I was going to say Swedish – don’t ask me why – but then I thought “hmm no I’m wearing Selected Homme and this is a Danish brand”. Oh well, whatever haha.

Minimal and Scandinavian brands are increasingly finding their way here in the Western part of Europe. Actually what I intend to say is that they found their way in already, It’s just that now they are BOOMING!

Even the South-European brands – not to mention Zara – are copying the extremely popular Scandinavian trends.
And oh no, Bestseller is not paying me to talk up the brand and take down Zara in this blogpost… It’s just my honest opinion as to how I think it’s all going down in the (fast)fashion world.

Anyways, although I am a huge fan of the minimal and Scandinavian looks, I’m a truly Selected Homme shopper.

Today I’m wearing a perfect black jeans by (oh yes) Filippa K, Scandinavian huh? 😉
Combined with a nice long sleeved tee and a black leather jacket (of the Antonio Banderas line). Black, badass boots and a white hat as a finishing touch.

I’m out now guys, off to the gym to get those abs on there, or at least try lol. Btw: later today I’m invited for a PRIVATE. INDOOR. POOLPARTY! How freaking awesome is that? See you on Snapchat and Instagram stories.







Photography by Dielke Hofkens with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Jacket by Selected Homme | Similar here
Long Sleeve Tee by Selected Homme | Similar here
Jeans c/o Filippa K | Shop here
Hat by Asos | Shop here
Shoes c/o Sacha | Similars here
Watch by Apple (watch) | Shop here



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