DB Berdan’s Colourful Collection For The Culture Will Leave You Inspired

DB Berdan, launched by Turkish designers, Deniz and Beg Berdan, is an Istanbul-born, London-based brand focused on creating a community of ‘like-minded individuals’ that aren’t defined by sex, race or gender.


Noah Sapon

As proud advocators of the LGTBQ+ community, Deniz and Beg constantly protest against the civil unrest felt in Turkey within their collections; in their SS20 presentation, in collaboration with Smiley, they had the feminist pansexual pop star, Girli, perform some of her hit songs in several different looks from the collection, entitled ‘Self-Love Club’ – the name turns the male-dominating sports clubs into gender-inclusive activities.

The fascinating silhouettes, amazing colours and creative layering give us everything we need from a hyper-streetwear brand.  We spoke with Beg and asked her a few questions about the collection, here’s what she had to say!



Where did your inspiration come from for this collection?

So, our collection is called ‘Self-Love Club’ and we wanted to take the male dominating sports industry and turn it into an all gender activity.  We really wanted to embrace self-love, so it’s our own sports club, where we can also embrace individuality.


Why the collaboration with Smiley?

Smiley is a brand that is the symbol of all positivity, and we have similar backgrounds – they take something negative and turn it into a positive and with our themes we always find a way to turn negativity into positivity.


What does genderless clothing mean to you and why did you decide to include unisex pieces?

Genderless clothing means that you can take whatever in a rack and wear it, I don’t like looking into what is and what isn’t meant for me, it would be great if there wouldn’t be ‘mens’ or ‘womens’, it should be all mixed together.


Why is having a community of like-minded individuals important to you?

Because I was always left alone, I come from a Turkish background that’s all about norms, gender construction and patriarchy, and I’ve had such a bad time always having them forced onto me; even though my family never did, when I was outside that’s what happened and it was really hard being alone so now I just really want to create a family.


What parts of street culture influences DB Berdan?

I think it’s mostly hip hop and punk mixed together with 18th century involved in it as well.


Do you take inspiration from any other streetwear brand?

 I think now that social media is quite a broad thing its impossible not to get inspired by what’s happening.  The culture is hitting, its outstanding, so how could you not let that happen.




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