Dior’s Black AirPods Case Is An Ultimate “Urbane” Desire

Make a case? Sure, but make it fashion!

Chidozie Obasi

2019 has been a year that has unquestionably remarked a major venture of hyper-dandy accessories. In this occasion, as AirPods continue to have their prominence being a standout accessory, Dior offers a new case proposition that might, oh well, make your jaw drop.

Offered in black and grey tones, Dior’s AirPods case is being produced from smooth calfskin leather. The pouch is then branded with a rubber “Dior” signature on the external façade, decking the opening flap elegantly. Besides, the case also features a silver clasp, practical for it to be attached to either bags or keys.

Italian-made, Dior’s AirPods case is purchasable now right here.


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