Discover how we made a KaschKasch Sofa the centerpiece of a room

Tom Barker

The modular sofa from Cologne based design studio KaschKasch is an ode to functional design and proof of the long-held stereotype regarding the superiority of German design. Designing from a minimal perspective, the label focuses on the quality of its construction and design to produce a piece of furniture that brings a strong modern aesthetic whilst not falling short on practicality.

This sofa continues the studios outlook, ensuring that your rest space is tailor-made for your room there are seven different modules to pick and choose from ranging from large sofa units to smaller chaise longue’s and poufs. There are added opportunities for customization in the choices of colour and fabric that these designs can come in, ensuring that there is a sofa to compliment any setting.

For a stark background of beige and white hues, we chose the raw amber colour in the globa fabric which stands out whilst being from a similar colour family as its surroundings. The globa fabric also creates a great texture that, alongside the colour, produces a warmth that is perfect for a living area.

That warmth makes this sofa a piece of furniture that you want to relax on and, as Matthias displays in our editorial, the width of this piece allows you to laze on its cushions. It can be used to sit upright on, but what this sofa really begs for is a comfortably dressed owner to lay down on it after a long day.

To see which of the many options would suit you best, have a look at the modular sofa here


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