Don’t be square

Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys,

I’m happy to show you this new look. 
Time to mix a bit of streetstyle with some dapperness. 
The streetstyle is quite obvious if you look at my light washed ripped jeans. 
I doesn’t get any more streetstyle if you know what I mean. 
To give it a dapper look I combined it with plain white shirt, 
a fancy blazer and even fancier shoes. 

The blazer I’m wearing is from Lubiam (L.B.M.1911), 
the Italian brand I already told you great things about. 
If I didn’t convince you so far maybe this blazer can, 
it is another masterpiece from their great elegant collection. 

The shoes I’m wearing (elevator shoes) are from Guido Maggi.  
The shoes are handmade which make them a bit more expensive compared to a normal pair
 of shoes but I think it is worth the investment. 
The difference in quality is not only visible in the design but also in the craftwork and
 materials used for the shoes. 
Moreover they have a great fit with their height increasing shoes
Click here to visit Guido Maggi‘s website, they have some really unique shoes, 
perfect for a special occasion but also ideal to get yourself a great pair of handmade shoes 
that will give you many years of pleasure.

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I’m wearing:
Shirt (c/o Tommy Hilfiger) Blazer (c/o Lubiam Italia)
Jeans (Hollister Co.) – Shoes (c/o GuidoMaggi)
Watch (c/o Daniel Wellington)


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