Don’t miss the Kawasan Falls

As you’ve probably seen on Instagram (most liked photo of my vacation!) We visited the Kawasan falls! It’s a 7-9 meter heigh waterfall with turquoise blue water. It looks photoshopped but actually that’s just how pretty it is, I swear! Arriving at the waterfalls immediately gave us the “wow” effect.
Of course it’s the most popular waterfall in Cebu and this was clearly visible.
In my opinion they where beautiful but on the other hand also sad that it became such a mass touristic attraction. But that’s how tourism works right?
On one side you have the beautiful waterfall as you can see on my photos and on the other you find different cafes for drinks and lunch, VERY touristic.

What time to go?

The waterfalls open at 7:00 AM so I advise you to be there around 7:00-8:00 AM to arrive before the mass. We got there around 7:30 AM which gave us the chance for shooting with not too many people around. Believe me you don’t want 20 bright orange life jackets of people who can’t swim in your background do you?

How to get there?

It’s pretty easy to get there but it takes ages. 3,5 hours driving from Cebu City to be exact. It seems long but it is what it is. – We asked one of our Grab drivers how much he would charge and paid 4.000 Pesos for driving us, wait for us and bring us back to Cebu City. Be sure to arrange your transport the day before as Grab won’t work for such long trips. Especially not at 4:00 AM (the time we left from Cebu City.)
Your driver knows the way, as soon you’ve reached your destination (look for a church) It’s very easy to find. Keep an eye out for a church and go right of it, there you will find a track. Follow the path until you reach the waterfalls. (50 pesos entry fee will be asked)


If you’re a more adventurous person don’t stop hiking after the second waterfall, they actually have 3 in total. The path is a bit more difficult to walk but I did it on my Birkenstock’s and It’s doable. Go up till you see a dam, after this point you will discover the bluest and clearest water you’ll ever see in a jungle!
They also have a rope to jump in the water, just like Tarzan.

Also a bit further you can jump off a rock/tree of 10m high! So much fun.
Ask a local for the spot… or you can hire a guide at the beginning of your trip when you arrive at the church, though I don’t recommend this as the track is really easy to find and follow. + they charge 100 pesos which is almost nothing but at the end they expect an extra…

Photography by Dennis Van Peel with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


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