Eager To Impress Your New Boss? Here Are The Perfect Formal Pieces To Wear Now

Chidozie Obasi

The long-term acclaimed Devil Wears Prada movie has undeniably stormed our social media channels with countless memes over the past few years – yet, it still remains one of the rawest examples of a boss-employee work relationship. While anything picked from a smart suite could feel a little too “official”, the fateful time might come when perhaps your oversized cropped chinos, despite how trendy, could be perceived more for a weekend social gathering with friends as opposed to impressing your employer in a proficient environment.

This season, if your style lust is fluctuating between two or more diverging trends, do not hesitate to opt for a timeless yet sophisticated appeal. The moment you open up your wardrobe, hold all your inner fright and do not think twice. In fact, if you carried out a thorough research into the company you chose, the decision-making process for your work attire should come just like a meek breath of fresh air. Though, never forget to match your palette in the right manner: coordinate your accessories set in the same tone – no worries if this results to be overly fussy, however different shades are tolerable too. The outwear piece should be the equivalent colour of your head piece (hat or cap if you fancy either of them). Any add-ons do matter, but if styled wrongly, they could make the entire ensemble to crumble and your boss – oh dear – could rumble.

If you decide to suite-up your look, then make sure you choose a tie which is bold, radiant and chic. Enough weary alerts, it’s time to spice up your work atmosphere.

So why further-waiting? Let’s delve into the best picks to enrich your work wear wardrobes with a timeless yet eclectic taste!

Blue lined technical trench coat in pure silk, CORNELIANI

£2310.00, Available at Corneliani.com

Cricket sweater, KENT & CURWEN

£350.00, Available at Kentandcurwen.com

White shirt in cotton, KENT & CURWEN

£140.00, Available at Kentandcurwen.com

Contrast side pocket shirt, CHALAYAN

£395.00, Available at Chalayan.com

Pick Up waistcoat, CHALAYAN

£455.00, Available at Chalayan.com

Black trench coat in cotton, BOTTEGA VENETA

£1,550.00, Available at Bottegaveneta.com

Red satin tie, PRADA

£150.00, Available at Prada.com

Travel bag in opaque leather, TOD’S

£1,850.00, Available at Tods.com

Modern luxury watch, COACH

£150.00, Available at Hourtime.co.uk

Leather monk strap brogue in black, CHURCH’S

£495.00, Available at Church-footwear.com


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