Editor’s Pick: 3 Tantalising Brands Of The Moment

Forget about the mainstream hype labels: IT’S SLEEK O’CLOCK!

At Matt G Style we value, encourage and emphasise the “must have” menswear apparel which could make your wardrobe simply go-round. Therefore, we picked out 3 of the brands that are currently empowering a strong sense of design blended with fantastic aesthetics

Chidozie Obasi


Transforming traditional menswear pieces into a range of unique styles to express male individuality, the British label was founded by designers George Bunker and Justin Mansfield. Their distinctive dynamic style is infused with cultural and artistic influences creating innovative and functional designs.

Geometric printed shirts, abstract bombers and printed jumpsuits fulfil a contemporary and modernistic style blurring the lines between street and formal wear. A collation of different textures alongside alternative layering channel the brands unique style whilst sitting perfectly for the forthcoming glacial season!

BEAU Homme’s key focus revolves around function and quality, both contributed by an ethical stance as they wish to build a better world for forthcoming generations both environmentally and socially.


The Helsinki-based menswear brand combines minimalistic Finnish design, relaxed sophistication and urban functionality with a cutting edge. The brand spices up with a sporty yet contemporary feel. Standing for casual formality, the comfort, freedom and exceptional ease offer an impeccable quality.

FRENN collections are always thoroughly designed and carefully curated. The prints are uniquely crafted designs which change every season.

Trans-seasonal classics like the soft hybrid blazers, relaxed but smart trousers and sporty but elegant parkas continue to be statement solid pieces for the brand’s core philosophy.



With a British mind at heart, Soul Seeker is a streetwear brand founded by Rajan Sangha.

The brand develops its ethos through the idea of existentialism. The collections are deeply rooted in the belief that people should be searching who and what they are throughout life, as that inner research unveils the choices based on their experiences, beliefs and outlook rather than following traditional paths outlined by society.

The idea of deviating from modern day norms is holistically translated into Soul Seeker’s clothing, holistically creating bold looks for the youthful London male who wishes to define his own path. Staple pieces crafted have affinity to youth, leadership and distorted dreams, evoked by the postmodern brand’s message in the form of bold surface patterns

The brand prides of their British heritage: with its primary manufacturing processes made in London, it involves a sustainable labour and methods of production environmentally friendly, all of which are increasingly promoted by the brand.



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