Exploring Cultural Utopia: Qasimi’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Chidozie Obasi

Running against a backdrop of ongoing political tension across the Middle East, Qasimi presented a collection built around the philosophy of an urban nomad seeking for his ideal future for Spring/Summer 2020, permeated by a sense of nimbleness and social positivity. The ultimate mood informs the sun-bleached colour palette, which, this season, takes inspiration from the designer’s childhood back in the United Arab Emirates. An eclectic number of military influences are perceived in the fabrics, military canvas, heavy twills and ripstops, reinventing garments that mimic nuts and bolts of armoured fighting vehicles, juxtaposed against mesh and quilting. On a general note, tailoring takes a minimal, laid-back, and effortless cue, forming an utterly fundamental part of the collection. Qasimi’s SS20 apparel epitomises sensitivity and sensuality, giving birth to an idea of strength paired up with tonal vulnerability. The collection is uplifting, rich of positive connotations, appositely designed to quench times of social turbulence among humans.


Image credit: Vogue.com


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