Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Pledge To Subvert Methodical Shopping Habits

Chidozie Obasi

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are on the verge of changing current shopping methods. Around the last year, Instagram launched an innovative shopping feature in the US allowing a purchase to be made by just clicking on the desired item.

With its US launch dated back to March 19, it gives the opportunity to purchase products from a vast assortment of brands, comprising luxury labels.

From the beginning of May, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram will foresee the same feature buzzing its own bell. While on Instagram users will be able to buy a “dream look” from an adored fashionista, the e-crowd (bloggers and influencers) will be able to tag not just the brand in question, but also the products they’re wearing.

British costumers will be taken directly to the brand’s website to carry out the transaction, whilst American shoppers will be able to complete the payment via Instagram.

On the other hand, WhatsApp will be able to browse product catalogues and undertake a payment – method tested recently with Indian shoppers.

Could this approach serve as catalyst for an e-commerce radical revolution, hunting digital retailers once and for all?

Credit for images is: Abdiwali Samatar


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