Feels like Autumn

Matthias Geerts

Hi guys,

How are you all? Hope you had a lovely weekend. 
My parents took of for a short trip to Scotland and that means I have to watch my dog Gyzmo for a couple a days. 
Not that I mind but yesterday when we went for a shoot I took him with me 
(convenient to combine a shoot and a walk at the same time). 
And while I was taking some shots Gyzmo just couldn’t refuse to photobomb my pictures haha… 
He loves to be the center of attention. Maybe he got that a little from his boss 😉 

Now a little about my clothes. 
I know I know, it looks like it is autumn in this outfit but the weather just doesn’t turn around here in Belgium and I prefer to
 be comfortable and warm when I go for a walk. 
That’s why a combined different shades of brown and layered them all up to get that comfy feeling. 
Different shades of brown almost always match so don’t be scared to combine them. 

Okay guys, time to get started, enjoy your week!

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I’m wearing:
Jacket (c/o The Sting) Pants (Asos)
Cardigan (c/o RumJungle) – Shoes (c/o Frank Wright)
Shirt – (Asos)


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