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Festival essentials!


The festival season is already in full speed. The best part of festivals is DEFINITELY the music.  However, festival fashion is a very close second.  Not only do you want to look cool but also you really do want to be comfortable. You will be standing (hopefully dancing) on your feet for hours and nothing is worse than wanting to leave the party early because you’re uncomfortable.


Apart from feeling comfortable with what you wear you will also need to take care of your body. Also, if you want to survive a day at the festival you have to remember to take some essential items with you. Packing lists can be pretty long but I like to keep it brief, therefore I made a Top 6 of my favorite festival items of 2016.  


1. Mobile phone charger:
You don’t want to run out of digital juice. Some festivals will have charging areas, but the queues get unbearable, luckily BASE provides power banks at their booths for only a small deposit, very useful when you forgot yours at home.


2. Sun screen:
You get burnt quicker than you’d think. Since you’re spending all day in the sun, keep the bottle on you, so you can top up as the day goes on.


3. Sunglasses:
Keep your eyes happy. Outdoor stages can often be in front of the sun, leaving you blinded as you try to watch. Sunglasses are essential but don’t take your best pair, these could easily be stolen, sat on or get lost mid while jumping around at any point over the course of the festival.


4. Bandana:
A new hot trend at Coachella this year: enter bandanas. Literally everyone (girls and guys) are sporting the Western-inspired extra with their outfits. As such, the bandana is nothing new, but it is an accessory that has a lot of advantages and opportunities. It’s an easy way to keep your hair in place and partially protect it from the sun. Easy and light to pack, and since it is a very affordable accessory, definitely a must have for the budget-conscious people among us.


5. The Shirt:
For those of you looking to look sharp at the festivals, consider wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this piece comes exclusively in god-awful graph paper checks, there’s a new trend of designs available this season, bold printed shirt with all sorts of plants, tree, animals or fruit. They come in a very breathable chambray style that’ll keep you cool in more ways than one.


6. Mobile streaming:
Despite how you might personally feel about downloading versus streaming music, it’s abundantly clear that streaming is the way of the future. Just look at how many popular services there are: Spotify, Youtube, Deezer are just a few examples. All these have their own unique features and ways to change how much data they consume. If you are yet to discover how to use these streaming services and want to find out if they are worth your money BASE has a unique summer offer making streaming available for FREE whole summer long (in Belgium).  
I can assure you this service will optimize your festival season. While getting in the mood at the camping site or when you’re on your way to the festival. You have the whole music world available on your mobile to share with your friends.  Depending on what kind of mood you’re in you can switch between playlists or watch a video together. Next to this great summer offer you will also find BASE booths at several festivals.
Do your own BASE move, make a photo/GIF on their dance floor and have a chance to win an iPhone 6s. I know I will be doing my BASE move and will be streaming this festival summer, so feel free to join me and place your BASE Move on your Facbook wall (set it on ‘public’) with #BASEFestivals!








Want to know what I will be listening to at this festival summer? Well, I made a small Spotify playlist for you. In my opinion it is a great playlist for in the car when on the road to a festival, it is a subtle mix of commercial and alternative electronic music getting me in the mood to rave all day long!



Below I’m also sharing my favorite Youtube music video of the moment. A wonderful song by Coldplay but moreover a digital masterpiece of special effects!




#BASEFestivals #Stream4Free




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