Final Refuge

Matthias Geerts

Dear readers,

As fall has settled down in the lovely city of Antwerp I thought I would go to my final refuge. My devoted readers have probably noticed 
that I combined my campaign for SCAPA with my favorite spots in Antwerp I go to for clearing my mind. 

In this final chapter of my story I went to Linkeroever. 
The perfect spot for a quiet walk with an awesome view over the skyline of Antwerp. 
Because there’s often a cold wind at the riverside I layered up in wool. 
This amazing wool statement blazer is definitely special. 
It has a rough fabric with nicely matching colors. 
I paired it up with navy blue wool trousers. 
The trousers are very light and the stitching is very tight, 
you would never guess its 100% wool. 
Light as a feather but warm as a lamb. 
This total ensemble is again the right combination British elegance with a modern touch, 
the trademark of SCAPA.

If you now have a yearning for a nice new fall wardrobe from SCAPA
I totally understand. 
So don’t miss out and get on your shopping at SCAPA stores all over Europe and soon also online. 

PS: SCAPA means “refuge” in old Viking. 
Now you know where I got my inspiration for this campaign.

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I’m wearing:

Shirt(c/o SCAPA)- Blazer (c/o SCAPA)
Wool trouser (c/o SCAPA)- Coat (c/o SCAPA) – Tie (c/o Bows’N Ties)
Shoes (c/o Sacha)


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