Florence Photo Diary

Matthias Geerts

Dear readers,

I’ve finally found the time to post my photo diary of our trip to Florence. I will start right
 away by saying that Florence is the perfect destination for a city trip. There are a few places 
in the world where food, fashion, art and nature intermingle so effortlessly to a magnificent
 effect and Florence is one those places. Though surprisingly small, Florence is packed with 
attractions. Towers and palaces evoke a thousand tales of its medieval past, designer 
boutiques and artisan workshops stud its streets, and there are tons of delicious restaurants. 

We’ve rented a beautiful loft in the heart of Florence. Our window looked out to the Duomo, 
waking up with this sight every morning was as good as it could get. 
We were also very lucky there were a lot of cozy bakeries in our neighborhood. 
Cantinetta dei Verrazzano was definitely my favorite. When you sit at the marble-topped 
tables in the narrow hallway, smelling freshly baked Italian focaccia and sipping a glass of 
Chianti wine you feel like a real Italian. The salty focaccia with prosciutto, buffalo
 mozzarella, basil and tomatoes is a must. 

When you go for dinner you have an enormous choice of restaurants that it gets hard to
 choose. But it is hard to make a wrong choice because we always just entered a restaurant 
that looked good to our taste and we always had a wonderful dinner. A typical dish from 
there that you should try is the tagliatta alla fiorentina, pieces of thin sliced steak rubbed 
with olive oil, seared on the char grill, garnished with salt and pepper and served with 
rucola, parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes. 

Now let’s talk about the main attractions you must see in Florence: 

1. Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore. You can’t miss this masterpiece. Its red-tiles dome,
 graceful bell tower and breathtaking pink, white, green marble facade have the wow factor
 all over it. We also climbed this famous dome, using a steep stone step stairs to the top. 
The high and claustrophobic climb gets rewarded with an unforgettable 360-degree 
panorama of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. 
Tip: go in time, or out of rush hours since the queues can get really long for the climb, 
definitely in high season. 

2. Ponte Vecchio: Florence’s iconic bridge is twinkled with glittering wares of jewelers. 
The bridge packed with medieval houses is a landmark itself but the jewelry is a lust for the 
eyes of another sort. Very romantic at nightfall! 

3. Piazzale Michelangelo: Another great panorama view lies a bit distant from the city
 center. It’s a 10min walk uphill along the serpentine road and steps that scale the hillside 
from the Arno and along rose gardens. Once arrived at the square you see a copy of David di 
Michelangelo and when you turn around you get a spectacular view of the city. 
It’s a very nice hike when the weather is good.

4. Museo Salvatore Ferragamo: If you are a fashion lover as I am or if you are interested in 
some history of fashion this museum is a must when you are in Florence. 
It is definitely a shoe lover’s heaven! It was an interesting mixture of history, stories and 
beautiful shoes. 
I only wish there were more shoes, it is not very big. 
Plus point: students are admitted free! 

Actually Florence is an attraction at itself; you don’t need the hustle from one point to 
another to see everything because the atmosphere over there is beautiful at itself.
Florence is a magnetic, romantic and above all memorable city worth returning to again and 
again.  I hope you like my pictures, experiences and tips. 
If you have some more tips for visiting Florence I’d love to hear them.  

Thanks for reading!

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