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Matthias Geerts



Hey Guys,


One of my first outfits I was wearing in one of the streets of Benidorm. To be honest, finding a nice location in the touristic part of Benidorm wasn’t that easy. As you already have seen in earlier posts Benidorm has several nice locations but not all the streets are evenly beautiful, therefore shooting some street style pictures wasn’t that convenient. However after wandering around for a while we found this red and yellow wall right across a mobile shop where I had to be to top my Spanish sim card. When I am abroad I need to have mobile data because I hate it when I’m not connected. At the now it is still a hassle with looking for prepaid sim cards everywhere we go, therefore I’m looking forward to 2017 when they will introduce the same price for mobile data all over Europe. Another reason why I’m really looking forward to this is because this time I actually got ripped off. I paid 15 euros, which should have given me 4GB, but instead I only got 300MB and too much text messages, even though I explained the shopkeeper very well.


But I will stop whining; in this outfit post I was wearing a classy yet casual look for the first hot day of an amazing week. Hope you like it.


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T-shirt Ralph Lauren – Shorts & Belt c/o River Island
Espadrilles c/o Manebi – watch c/o Brathwait




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