Gloverall And E Tautz Master An Utilitarian Vein In Latest Collaboration

Chidozie Obasi

Gloverall and E Tautz firmly upheave the hype-like scene by creating a covetable collaboration, founded upon the principles of high-quality British design, melded alongside a sturdy sense of utter craftsmanship – serving up all British tradition has on deck.

The collection, formed with a plethora of structured shaping and decked by earthy tones, pulls in a thread of military heritage, feature which both brands endure to thrive season after season – not to mention the practicality and fuss-free functionalism related to the outerwear, further-decked by bold fastening juxtaposed with subtler details. The crispness found in main silhouettes recall archetypal military blocks, now updated via the use of novel practices and avant-garde sartorial technicalities.



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On a style note, we discern an overly soldierly edge throughout, particularly traceable through the tonal choices that drift between military green, navy and off-white shades. Hardware staples are further-accentuated and worked in a way that provides a high level of garment functionality and standout appeal.



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