Go to Huntington Beach

Matthias Geerts

Go to Huntington Beach! – If you’re ever on a road trip in California you should make a stop at the Huntington Beach. Or if, just like us, you’re in LA for a week you can drive down to it since it’s only an hour away from LA city. Especially if you’re a surfer or very much into surfing like us or this time perhaps only Denzel. Honestly I wasn’t feeling like surfing this time. However, Huntington Beach is actually the place to be for surfers! – Apart from being an amazing spot to surf you can also work on your tan, play volley bal, watch the life guards or have a snack at the end of the Pier in the very popular fastfood chain Ruby’s, try their milkshakes! (Banana caramel!!)

If you have the time, stay until after sunset. It’s worth it!


Photography by Denzel Van Tilburg with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


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