Go to Intramuros

After our first day/evening of recovery in Manila we decided to discover a bit more about this
bustling city. – Many years ago, when Manila was still a Colony of Spain, they build the Intramuros, AKA Walled City. It’s a historical walled area surrounded with old but beautiful architecture and loads of green.
You can recognise the Spanish designs pretty quickly when entering this area. So unreal this in the middle of the modern city of Manila. Have a drink in the cosy cafe called Barbara’s. – You can go by car preferable Grab/Uber. To my opinion Grab works the best here. Afterwards you can discover downtown Manila. Wander around in the streets where you can spot some really unique buildings just like the pink one in the photos below. – We didn’t try out any street food as we heard it’s not that good in Manila. As a result I can’t recommend you about that.
However, I did try to take some nice shots of the city. Scroll down & enjoy my gallery!


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