Go to Lx Factory

Matthias Geerts

If you wanna hang out like a the real hipsters do in Lisbon, then you might like this post.
Lx Factory is a cool, old industry area transformed into place with an array of arty retailers & unique restaurants.
I told Lotte before, this place reminds me a little bit of Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking district of NYC. But less clean and more Unique. Unique that’s the right word.

We sat down outside – as the sky finally cleared up – at the terrace of Wish Slow Coffee House. Treated myself on my all time favorite italian starter aka Caprese salad and of course a Pastei De Nata. It tasted so so good! Perfect to do in the afternoon just like we did after our morning walk at the river side. After our late lunch we took the uber back to our hotel (Four Season).

Beside the unique restaurants they also have, vintage shops, interior shops, art galleries.. anything that’s too cool for in town.
Like I said, the place to be for hipsters. Nevertheless, I’m sure yo will like it anyways, being a hipster or the typical tourist. Who doesn’t like such a unique place..

Photography by Lotte Torfs and myself with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


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