Gucci’s Pledge To Break Inclusivity And Build A More “Diverse” Maison:All You Need To Know

Chidozie Obasi

The Italian Maison of Gucci has recently proclaimed the launch of Gucci Changemakers, a fresh world-wide program and scholarship fund, aiming to feed more opportunities for young talent coming from a range cultural backgrounds. The move comes after the brand’s criticism for a balaclava jumper resembling a blackface in last season’s collection. The company utterly apologised and promised that they are “fully committed to increasing diversity throughout the organisation, by turning this incident into a powerful learning moment for the Gucci team and beyond.”

Following that, the label formed a committee that comprises an array of noteworthy industry names such as Cleo Wade, Dapper Dan and – whose responsibility is ensuring transparency likewise evenness throughout the agreement.

The $5 million funds provided will invest in community-based programs. The scholarship program, however, aims to aid young talented individuals to pursue a career in the Fashion sector. On the other hand, the volunteer enterprise scheme is surely not to be neglected: this aspect will enable Gucci employees to take four paid days off by undertaking voluntary work, addressing issues such as equality, sustainability, education and community support.

This step – as we’re hoping – will increase and impact major changes in the diversity sphere of the label.

A feasible new era for Gucci?


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