Guide for the in between months

With the colder months rolling in, it can be difficult to balance colder mornings with hotter daytime temperatures. It is still premature to wear large winter coats, while thin button-down shirts can leave you cold during the cooler morning and nights. I have collected some of the perfect lightweight yet cozy pieces that can handle a daily fluctuation in temperatures. Enjoy the last few days of warmth while getting ready for the colder months as the weather transitions into winter. You will be comfortable while being stylish.

Denim Jacket
For the in between months the first item that comes into mind is a denim jacket. Keeping you warm and not being over bearing, it works great with any outfit. The best part is that you can dress it up and down, a classic look is with a white t-shirt. For dressing it up wear it with a button down and black jeans. It is really a timeless piece that you can wear both during late fall and early spring. It has a nice retro look which really fits in with the 90s trend while being up to date for this century.

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Leather Biker Jacket
If you are feeling more edgy and ready for a night out, a leather biker jacket is the perfect combination, it will keep you both stylish and warm. It is more of a statement piece so keep the rest of your outfit more streamline and simple. This leather jacket from Selected Homme is the perfect rough look. Combine it with black pants and a grey sweater. It is the seamless way to have that biker look with a minimalist aesthetic.

Light Knitted Sweater
Coziness and texture combine with a knitted sweater. The knitted nature adds good visual interest, if you are feeling even more adventures go for a bold color. It is easy to throw it on when the day gets colder, while you can take it off when you are feeling hotter. This really makes it perfect for full day when the temperature can change by the hour. Combine it with a pair of jeans or solid color chinos, you really can’t go wrong with this look.

Colorful Jacket
As the leaves are changing so should the colors of your outfit. For a colorful jacket, go with a fall color palette, yellows, oranges, and browns work the best. It is a good way to add a pop up of color and visual dimension as the weather gets gloomier. I would suggest sticking with leather especially for colder days but fabric jackets work well too, focus on the color.

Both practical and stylish, these jackets and sweaters will get you through the transition from fall to winter. Whether you want to make a statement or more low key, there is something for every vibe.


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