4 Healthy breakfast suggestions in Florence

The classic city of Firenze, also known as Florence, home to otherworldly ‘*palazzo’s*,’ churches and forms of art, probably houses the best pasta and pizza places you’ll ever visit. Then again — at least if you mind your eating pattern — it wouldn’t be very thoughtful to eat these Italian delicacies every meal of the day. Especially for breakfast! So, we lined up some of our favourite spots to go for a nutritious and healthy dish to devour in the morning!

Cecilia Firenze – Natural Food & Drink

Whether you’re in for a large breakfast menu or just a coffee to get that morning mood off your chest, Cecilia’s the place to go! The interior stays loyal to Firenze’s classic old style, but with an old French farmhouse-like feel to it. This decor combined with one of Cecilia’s smoothies or mixed yogurts is a perfect way to start your day.

Shake Cafe

Coffee, tea, fresh juices, breakfast or a healthy lunch. It’s all there. Whether you want to grab a quick bite to take out in one of Shake’s eco-friendly packages or a relaxed lunch or breakfast to eat in. The assortiment varies from simple drinks to smoothies and sandwiches to whole homemade salads with vegetarian and vegan options. Put in on your


Tamarindo Juicery

If you’re looking for a nice nutritious bowl to devour — whether that’s in the morning or during the day – you should definitely pay a visit to Tamarindo’s. The place offers various amounts of bowls with countless sorts of fruit, grains, and oat-like variations. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel like having a bowl, just stick to one of their toasts, sandwiches or other quick bites, they sure are worth it too!

Ditta Artigianale

The name says it all. This place, spread over two affiliates, offers the best artisan products on the Italian breakfast bar market. You can stop by for brunch, lunch, or an all day treat. Greek yogurt, crispy muesli, avocado toast or maybe a more vegan option like quinoa?

It’s all there, freshly made and everything! The business even offers a slim contrast between both of their places. You can choose to visit the more rustic styled bar or the modern one. It really leaves every possible choice up to you.

Stay tuned, stay healthy!

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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