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Matthias Geerts

Hey Guys,

What’s up? Today I’m sharing something super exciting with you guys!
Mattgstyle teamed up with GUESS for their new HIS and HERS unisex collection.

As a few of you might know I have a little sister. You probably have spotted her already on my blog in the section for girls, where she is sharing her latest fashion looks.
Well, the good news is they want us to do a little campaign on Mattgstyle.com in collaboration with GUESS.

Brothers and sisters, it’s a funny relationship. Or should I say a love/hate relationship? I have to admit she can be a real pain in nek sometimes haha. But of course we have strong bond together!
But I won’t tell you too much about that (no boring life experiences). However, what I will tell you about is how quickly our fun shoot escalated after capturing this look.

It started off with the great idea of doing it in a “real life”-environment. Like the day continues you are in need for a small break, perhaps go for a nice cup of coffee, and before you know it you are spending all your money on shopping. – Or not because you’re broke.. 😀

Back to GUESS again who made this brand new unisex collection, for him and her. The whole collection includes everything to complete a wardrobe. Denim, loungewear, basic tee’s, classic blazers, shirts,… Today we’re talking about the impressive outerwear.

We’re both wearing the pink suede real leather jacket, me in a total black outfit, she combined with a white top, blue denim and high heels. The jackets feel upscale and it shows in the stitching and the quality. It’s perfect for every season, I mean I’m wearing it now with a tee and it was pretty warm already, so a sweater or a pull underneath for winter will do perfect. Except when it’s raining, so watch out for that in Belgium.
Never wear suede when it’s raining. (D-oh!)

Check out the pictures and make sure to drop your thoughts below! 🙂


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