How pastel got in Men’s fashion and why it will stay there


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The start of spring here, the flowers will soon be blooming and more and more people will be outside exercising. The modern gentleman must be prepared for whatever comes when the days will start to get longer again. Any man who isn’t completely new to the world of dressing himself knows that the arrival of spring means the arrival of color and time to learn how to wear pastels. Yes, we’re talking about pastels. Pastels, also called chalky colors are a great choice if you wish to add a little color to an outfit, but in a softer, more subtle manner. Even though they are mostly spring colors, pastels can be worn whenever, wherever.

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Even though pastel colors have been used for a long time and have been utilized a lot in different mediums of arts and crafts, in fashion they became popular during the eighties. Travel began booming, as well as an interest in sports. Fashion adapted with these interests, and casual, athletic attire (like the polo shirt) grew in popularity. Short shorts and polo shirts in pastel colors took center stage in men’s casual wear. And although pastel colors remained very popular during spring time they made serious comeback at the SS17 shows and they returned on the runway for the SS18 collections. Pastel colors are enjoying a new prominence in men’s style, especially in the sector known as athleisure. Look around this season at dudes mixing athletic and casual clothes and you’ll notice an influx of colors like oatmeal, mauve, mint and rose.

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But also for those of you who aren’t used to color, picking one pastel piece will keep your look strong. Male style icons like Pharrell and David Gandy often opt for a bold trouser dressed down with neutral denim jackets and white t-shirts to allow their chosen color to stand out. What is great about pastels is that they can be worn in almost any setting, at any age and that they go great against almost any skin tone. Pastel colors have a beautiful way of fusing with light skin tones and make dark skin tones shine. And if you want to create a preppy springtime look, pastels are the perfect way to step outside the usual hues of grey, blue and black that men often gravitate to.

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Timeless pastel clothes will never go out of style, which makes chalky colors a great investment. Having a few pastels go to pieces will ensure you that you will always be in style.


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