How This Airforce 1 Collaboration Is Destroying Guns In Africa

Noah Sapon

This season, TheEditMan London teamed up with charity organisation, ONELESSGUN, and notorious artist, McCROW, with the aim of funding gun destruction in Africa.  In aid of this remarkable partnership, McCROW customised an Airforce 1 with a bullet from the AK – 47 you destroyed by buying the sneaker, right next to the Nike tick.  Such a powerful design.



As a part of the collaboration, they hosted a party during LFW where Harem London also donated 150 T-shirts for the cause.  Dressing the walls were pieces of art by McCROW, with his iconic barcode design really catching the eye.

We spoke to Moses from TheEditMan London to hear what he had to say about the collaboration.

Can you explain the AK – 47 Kalashnikovs Dream program and what ONELESSGUN is?

So, that’s a documentary about where the AK – 47 actually came from and that transpires to ONELESSGUN, so its almost like an ironic thing – something that wasn’t meant to be used as what became the ultimate war machine. So ONELESSGUN is all about provoking thought and decommissioning guns.

What made you decide to collaborate with ONELESSGUN?

TheEditMan London is a fashion platform, we sell Supreme, Yeezys and so forth.  Now with ONELESSGUN, I just love the mission statement and I thought that we’re in a position right now where we’re in one of the hottest spaces in the market so if I can affect change then why the hell not?  One step at a time we co-created these sneakers, I thought it would be a beautiful place to start.

How did you decide on McCROW designing the sneaker?

I think we shared the same passion, when you get behind the artistic charisma, what he is really all about is trying to help people and right now he has the most downloaded educational program in the US – it seemed really prevalent to get him involved in such a cause.

What made you pick Air Force 1s as the sneaker to use?

It’s one of the most iconic Nike sneakers there is right?


When will the sneaker be released and how can we help contribute towards the project?

All of the proceeds of tonight and all of the proceeds of the sales of the sneakers are going to ONELESSGUN who are instantly going to be funding a project in Africa.  To get your hands on a pair will be pretty difficult but if you go to TheEditMan London that’s the only place you can get them, we’ve only made 47 pairs and each pair has an actual bullet from the AK – 47 that you have decommissioned.


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