How to clean you shoes?

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Shoes is a necessity in every wardrobe — every outfit must be coordinated with the right kind of footwear to round up a look and to make yourself pull together. A nice and clean pair of shoes definitely does not fail if you want to achieve a look that exudes balance and appropriateness. However, do you also know that there are specific ways to clean each style and kind of shoes? From leather, suede, sneakers, to white leather shoes, there is a unique way to get rid of dirt and restore your own pair to its fresh-from-the-store vibe.

How to clean your shoes

1. Leather shoes

Leather shoes need TLC, especially when you are about to clean them. One way to ensure that the material of leather shoes is to determine if it’s treated or untreated. By doing so, you know which kind of products to use to restore your shoes to its most divine appearance.

How to clean them:
A. Get a soft bristled shoes brush and gently brush along your shoes to remove dirt that caked along the surface.
B. Wipe the each of the shoes with a clean, dry cloth
C. Untreated leathers usually require a wax or a cleaner to restore its shine. If treated, a damp cloth will do. Make sure to wipe against the grains of the leather.
D. Let the shoes air dry instead of basking it under the sun; doing will so will break the leather and may cause discoloration.


2. Suede shoes

Suede shoes are beautiful that you’ll forget how hard to clean them. If leather shoes need TLC, you need to add extra amounts of them when dealing with suede shoes because they are very prone to scratches, stains, and scruff.
To make them look good as new, you can follow these simple steps to restore your suede shoes to its former glory

How to do it:
A. Ensuring that your shoes are dry, get a brush with soft bristles or a suede brush (preferably) then gently work your way (towrads the same direction) towards removing the caked dirt found on the surface of your shoes.
B. To restore the texture, brush vigorously in a back and forth motion after ensuring that there are no more dirt and scruff on your shoes.
C. Stubborn marks can be removed with eraser. Pressure exerted on the eraser when removing marks depend on how light or heavy the markings are.
D. Optional: you can spray a suede protector liquid to keep your shoes maintain its texture and appearance.


3. White sneakers/Leather

White shoes-be it in leather or sneakers, are beautiful and a wearable ensemble that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood; but dirty white leather shoes can make your outfit unkempt so it’s best to maintain its appearance as divine as possible.

Here’s how:
A. With a damp cloth, gently wipe each shoe completely.
B. Using a mild soap or white shoe cleaner, apply these liquid (or spray evenly if you are using a cleaner) and let the product sit in for fifteen seconds.
C. Get using a soft bristled brush, clean the shoes towards the same direction until all dirt are removed.
D. Wipe the each shoes with a clean damp cloth followed by a dry towel to remove liquid completely.
Let it air dry.
F. Optional: you can also apply some shoe polish to make your footwear shinier and protected from dust accumulation.


4. Sneakers

Sneakers are generally easy to clean compared to the other three mentioned materials of shoes, however, that still depends on its materials.
For most sneakers (gym shoes), you can do these steps to make them look good as new

See how:
A. Remove the laces and clean them separately. You can soak it in a small wash basin half-filled with water mixed with detergent and brush it after a few minutes to loosen dirt.
B. Insoles can be washed using water and baking soda to eliminate odor-causing microorganisms. To do this: boil a cup of water and then add 1/2 cup of baking soda. You may add a bit of salt and scented oil like tea tree or eucalyptus. Soak the insoles for an hour then hang to dry.
C. Check the shoe material if washable, if yes, proceed to washing using mild soap or you can opt to use damp cloth and soft bristled brush along with liquid detergent.
D. After cleaning the whole shoe, wet another cloth and wipe completely to remove any residue of soap.
E. Using another dry towel/cloth, squeeze excess liquid out of each shoe and let them dry for a day or two without direct sunlight.
F. Optional: you can spray shoe or fabric deodorizer to eliminate strong smells from detergent.

Written by
Patricia M.
Cred. Asos, YSL, Axel Arigato, Adidas.


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