How to make your look street style approved?

The effortless street style look is very much in right now. This trend has really opened up the realm of fashion allowing for a diverse rank of looks. The best way to describe street style is looking relaxed and comfortable while being cool and trendy. It seems pretty simple, but to really nail it you have to look cool but effortless. This really is the key to the street style trend, find what works best for you only after can you wear it in a way that will make you look effortless yet cool. Use this as a guide to start your journey into the street style trend, adding and being conscious of few elements will make you look street style approved.

Look polished but also look like you just threw on your clothes. Having your shirt half way tucked in or unbuttoned will make you look causal while being stylish. A little wrinkle or unevenly untucked adds to the overall ambience of the outfit.

A simple white shirt becomes more of a statement with it being a little oversized and untucked it adds dimension and character to this outfit.

Skip the skinny jeans and go for the oversized and baggy look, with bottoms or tops. Oversized pieces add that extra element of casualness and comfort. Switch out your pants for oversized ones, for a street styled look. If you are feeling very adventurous pick a bright neon color or a print, this will add a whole new level of style to your outfit.

Further adding to the relaxed look, a super easy way to enhance that street style flair, in your look is to wear your button downs aggressively unbuttoned. Stretch beyond your usual number of buttons and show some skin. This is especially a good tactic for the summer, where not only will you look on trend but also will be comfortable. For an added flare and dimension don’t shy away from adding a necklace or a few, these will make your look on point.

Prints, Prints, and more prints, experiment with what works for you and add them to your look. The key to street style is adding a few well curated elements to your outfit that really make you stand out in the crowd. Prints are even bigger for this season and the wilder the better, it can bring and show your personality.

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You heard it here, the fanny pack is here to stay, so why not add it to your outfit. It might seem like a cliché street style addition to your wardrobe, but it adds both a trendy character and practicality to a look. This is the piece to splurge on a designer version, it will bring a sense of casual elevation to your outfit.

Street style is a tricky thing to master, but adding some few elements and changing the style that you wear the clothes you already have, can make you more successful with the street style look. See which elements work best for your own sense of style and go from there.


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