How to Style Your Trench Coat During Winter and Spring

Tom Barker

For many of us, preparations are underway for the summer and the winter is slowly becoming a distant memory of Christmas, cold and rain. It has, however, been predicted that there will be 50mph winds this weekend, so don’t get your Hawaiian shirts out quite yet. One of the most popular jackets this season might just be the perfect fit for this transitional period of weather, trench coats are perfect for layering up or down and the option of tying the belt means that a bulky outfit can be given shape.

A truly British staple, that brings with it a mirage of references, whether it be Prince Charles wandering around the British countryside on a frosty winter’s day, Rick strolling into the fog with Louis at the end of Casablanca or Inspector Gadget producing an infinite amount of highly convenient tools that blew your mind as a child. In a fashion industry obsessed with trends, the trench coat has remained pertinent, the trusty old friend in your wardrobe that can always be relied on and it is as relevant now as ever.

Originally conceived for use in World War 1, the coat was worn by British officers and warrant officers of the first class who utilized the belt to hang of any supplies they might need, as well as to keep them warm and stop harsh winds from entering the coat. The practical design was quick to translate to the streets and became a favourite among movie stars like Audrey Hepburn during the 1940s as well as being enjoyed equally in London by all members of society from mods to royal’s Charles and Diana in the 1970s.

The coat has been through something of a renaissance recently, featuring on the catwalk during men’s fashion week for the Fall 2020 season. Brands such as Dior, Valentino and Alexander Mcqueen all included the jacket in their outerwear selection as well as it being captured in many a street style photo. As inspiration for how you can style such a staple in a man’s wardrobe, here are our favourite ways the coat has been worn on Instagram.


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