Instagram Is Speculating A Removal Of The “Like” Feature To Improve Mental Health

Instagram has been testing a new feature, which completely hides public like count on every user’s posts, as reported by The Verge.

Chidozie Obasi

As this was first considered in April, the platform mentioned that it wants followers to simply empathise on the shared content, not on the number of likes they receive on a daily basis.

So instead of the number of likes being shown on everyone’s feeds, only the user owning the profile will be able to see his own social platform engagement. Crazy, right? Oh well, this action comes in with a rather thoughtful yet considerate purpose of decreasing pressure and “online stress” across the social media channel.

Various cases have testified that ever since it became a “thing”, flourishing a profuse amount of revolutionary jobs (e.g. blogging, e-commerce etc) and opportunities of prompt worldwide omni-channel communication, Instagram has been the primary substance generating a serious lack of confidence and depression in people, affecting multitudes and leading to some further extreme cases of virtual misconduct and abuse, prime cause of cybercrimes.

As a contemporary society, we’re constantly seeking for approval from our pairs and orderly acceptance, all of which boils down to in magnifying a network made of nothing but strangers. A “no” follow is considered an abomination and an offence, these days. The situation is getting extremely disheartening yet paltry, especially during this moment and time.

But why do we feel an urge to acknowledge gratitude to someone through a futile “click” online, when that as such isn’t real life? Could this movement instigate a radical e-sedition and a return to the basic pillars of human interaction?

A rewind to conventional grassroots is unequivocally doable: come on, you’ve got this Instagram!


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