Is Bintan Island worth visiting?

Definitely yes! When travelling through Indonesia, Bintan is really worth a visit!

During our trip to Indonesia, we travelled from Jakarta to Bintan. It’s a perfect destination to spend a long weekend or escape the busy, noisy and hectic city life. Above all, Bintan is perfectly situated underneath the Malaysian peninsula, which makes it very easy to visit Singapore or Johor Bahru since it’s only a short ferry ride away.

Bintan is a small but well known island. Especially for its choice in high-end resorts and world-class golf courses. Apart from that, Bintan Island has a dreamy atmosphere, white beaches, blue waters and green leaves everywhere.

Treasure Bay

One thing you wouldn’t expect from this place, is that the second biggest pool in the entire world is situated on this island. Yes, you read it right!

It comes right after the pool at the San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Algarrobo in Chile.

Treasure Bay may price itself as the second biggest pool in the world. Various water sports and activities such as water skiing, fly boarding, canoeing, swimming and – maybe most importantly – tanning can be done here.

White Sand Beach

If you decide to stay more than just one night on the island, another fun thing to do is visit White Sand Beach. You can take a speedboat to the little private island and even stay the night! We went for a day but it would be possible to book one of the cute available rooms. Think of white sanded beaches and crystal clear water. It’s unthinkable and yet the words don’t need any pictures ( as they would only want to make you leave for the place).

To tie an end, right before our departure we released a little baby sea turtle back into the sea. Good deed done!

Mangrove Tour

The Mangrove tour is another thing we did during our stay. Nonetheless, it may be very interesting to know that mangroves are very rare and only appear in very tropical places. They are endangered and it’s a natural beauty, wondrous to behold!

We did a night tour through the mangroves of Bintan Island. It’s pretty amazing, especially when the fireflies start popping up, almost magical!

Visit the Bodobur Temple Yogyakarta

When in Yogyakarta one of the main things you have to do is the Bodobur temple.

I visited Yoghakarta and thus the temple two years ago. Unfortunately we were unable to see it at a proper sunrise due to weather circumstances, but it was a staggering experience nonetheless. So make sure to put Bodobur Temple on your bucket list!

We woke up around 3, to be there around 4 and enter the domain and climb the temple before sunrise.
Soon enough the sky coloured all pink, orange and yellow. Sadly enough it didn’t last long since it was quite cloudy and foggy. But in general, it was a beautiful and magical start of the day.

After this early morning hike, we stopped for breakfast and got ready for a Volkswagen Safari tour through the local villages around the Borobudur temple.

We stopped to try some “Kopi Luwak,” one of the most exclusive coffees in the world.

We’ve seen how locals prepare one of the rarest cups of coffee you could possibly drink and even visited one of the little locally held farms! Afterwards We continued our VW safari trip and ended up at another rural place where local women surprised us with a clothing, painting and pottery workshop.

Back to the city center; Yogyakarta reminded somewhat to Jakarta. The skyscrapers, malls, hipster places, it was all there…

The ‘must visit’ culinary spot in this city may be Hayati Coffee. The endless coffee flavours and options will have you doubting for ages! And as a plus, it’s a very photogenic place.

"The goal is not to attract attention, but to give people a good mood with the way you look" ― Matthias Geerts
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