Is Burning Man still Burning?

Lorenzo Sabatini

The cult historical Nevada Festival this year will seek a sustainable future. Like every year, it will take place at Black Rock City, a real city that is visitable only during the dates of the Music and Arts Event from the 25th of August until the 2nd of September 2019 in Black Rock Desert.

Many haters are saying the festival isn’t worth a visit anymore due to the fact it has lost his original creative spirit by becoming more commercial every year. Certainly, an event increasing in popularity time after time for obvious reasons is evolving, but we have to disagree with this criticism. The spirit has remained the same: a social experiment where every participant is free to express his/her freedom, with no money or wi-fi connection in the area.

Talking about arts: the Deep Playa Area is crowded of installations and artists from all over the world who are ready to entertain guests. And yes, it is still a unique experience. The Burning Man is also famous for the Temple: during every edition a new one is built in a different area. There you will find people meditating or just enjoying music. Then you can find Art Cars, true robots playing music from sunset until dawn with the best DJ’s worldwide.

To be quite honest for us to see the final fire of the Burning Man which gives the name to this massive event would be enough: the atmosphere is mystical and truly magic. Everybody screams “Happy Burn!” and all of this is fair enough for us to be ready to fly to Nevada this year.


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