It’s Now Possible To Shop Frank Ocean’s Met Gala Prada Jacket

And who will ever be able to forget Frank Ocean’s subversive appearance at the Met Gala glamourous pink carpet, where he wore a black Prada nylon gabardine anorak jacket?

Chidozie Obasi

Sorry Frank, but I didn’t realise that this year’s theme was “Matrix-chic”, but hey…

Utilitarian minimalism has been the ultimate go-to statement for Mr. Ocean, who no matter all the criticism (kind of predictable as he chose to disregard the camp theme), stormed the Met with an ever so “chilled” allure. Guessing that “Notes on Camp” didn’t deliver enough enticement to the master of soul. Nonetheless, the memes and impressions across social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook have made him somehow triumphant by choosing to detach from the eccentric crowds (also, could we please stop for a few instants to praise that striking smile?)

Apologies for the swift distraction, I’ll get back to business right away. No matter what, the Prada piece has now become of the most iconic garments worn at the most extravagant night of the global fashion calendar. Bizarre, isn’t it?

Ever since the Prada monochromatic staple has become shoppable, I can only imagine how much all your cravings will become unstoppable…

What a smart move, Frank!


Stop the fright. Shop the hype! Available at


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