Jakarta and her streetfood

Matthias Geerts

Traveling from Brussels to Jakarta isn’t the shortest of trips but if you are able to book a good flight, than you are there before you know it. It also helps if you are a good sleeper on planes, like I am. Despite that I still managed to watch three episodes of the last season of Orange is the New Black and two other movies. So I am probably not the best when it comes to sleeping on planes.

After one hour lay-over in Hong Kong we only had three more hours of flying before arriving at our final destination, Jakarta. We were invited by Indonesia Travel to discover the beauty of Indonesia, together with 20 other international influencers over the course of 14 days.

After such a long flight, a decent nice hotel is highly recommended. We stayed at the Pullman Hotel (which is around 100 EUR a night) located on the main street of Jakarta in front of the luxury mall, The Plaza. The Pullman Hotel is a nice, luxury city hotel. Standard rooms are quite spacious and have a modern design. The spa, gym and pool are in great condition. Nothing too special, but a perfect place to relax after a long flight and prepare yourself for the upcoming days, which we absolutely did.

As the titles suggests, after two days of strolling through Jakarta we decided to try the local street food. But before we did we went to a fine dining restaurant, Amuz, for my birthday! ?  Couldn’t ask for more right?

After the restaurant we went out for Jakarta’s best street food. I tried many new things, but the one I still remember is Martabak manis. It was fried and filled with chocolate. Not that a very healthy option but it was so good! (Watch my vlog to see how it looks)

Personally, I don’t think there is much to see in Jakarta, it’s a hectic city with a huge amount of traffic. But if you’re flying into here you should definitely visit the center of Old Jakarta, you can go shopping or eat in the huge mall “Grand Indonesia” which has almost every store inside. If you’re interested in modern art, ART1 Museum is a fun one to go to, but in my opinion not that interesting especially if you have only one day in Jakarta. Have a coffee in one of many coffee bars, like 1/15 Menteng, a very instagramble coffee shop.

In the evening you should defiantly do a rooftop bar, they have great views over the City.

The one we went to, and I absolutely loved was “Skye”.

“Skye” Rooftop

Coffee house, 1/15 Menteng

Amuz Restaurant

In the streets of Jakarta (Sabang)

Thanks for reading, Matt


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