Jodhpur, the Blue City of India.

Dennis Van Peel

Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan and is housing some of India’s richest cultural patrimonia. It houses excellent and cosy hostels, but also super luxurious hotels. One of the former is The Blue Turban. This hostel is situated in the old (Blue) town of Jodhpur and close to all its must-sees. Next to this, they’re serving super tasty food on the rooftop restaurant – The Chicken Masala was our favorite. 2 blocks away from this rooftop is the RAAS Hotel. This hotel is the most luxurious of Jodhpur and with most of the rooms looking towards the central swimming pool and the ancient fort, we definitely understand why.

The place to be in Jodhpur is near the Mehrangarh Fort or the Blue City. This is the most visited area of the city because of its cultural heritage. The Clocktower is nearby, which is one of the landmarks of Jodhpur. If you’re looking for a great rooftop place to have dinner or lunch, head over to Indique Restaurant. There’s a cosy market around the clocktower if you’re looking for Indian scarfs, spices, souvenirs etc. Enough of this hectic area? Move over towards the hill.



At the beginning of the hill (3 streets from the clocktower) is the step-well. This one is looking less fancy than the one in Jaipur, but you’re allowed to walk on it! People even dive from side into the green fish-filled water. We didn’t even dare to touch it tho. If you want a person-less photo, go early in the morning around 7AM.

You can visit the fort by walking or by rickshaw. Both will take the same amount of time, but the former one will burn all the Chai lattes you dronk during the last days. We decided to do this around 11 AM, when the son is already quite high and burning. In the end, we were happy we went by foot as you’re able to discover all the blue-painted houses in the neighbourhood.

About that last one: the Blue City of Jodhpur is actually not that blue. From above, you’ll see a lot of blue spots, but not a real blue part of the city. Nevertheless, it’s still nice to see so many blue painted houses close to each other!



Jodhpur has many train connections to all other large Indian cities. Also, there is an airport which is more easy if you’re planning to go back to Delhi.


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