Jungle Bathroom

If you’re a fan of plants or green you’re going to like this article very much. At least the green part of it. – We’ve turned our old looking bathroom into a new, very white, but also very nature friendly bathroom. We used to have an old wooden floor, which was okay. But as we are renting this appartment and couldn’t do too much about the interior I came up the idea to just paint the wooden floor white. This made the bathroom look bigger and even cleaner!

I wanted to do something with plants in our bathroom. Since we had a very large open space next to the toilet were the previous owner had their washing and machine and dryer we decided to use this area for decoration.
I came up the idea to full up this space with plants and so I create this little jungle through the use of different plants on different heights.

Next to our toilet we have a magazine holder “HANG IT” of the young designer Nathalie Teugels. She’s very talented and I’m glad to have one of her works in my bathroom.
Next to our jungle or perhaps below our little jungle you can find a beatiful black (marble) console of the two guys of “DIALECT”. – It can be very nice for in the hallway below a big mirror but I thought to give it a cool spot in our bathroom.

Last not least, yes we went all the way Serax for our bathroom. These drying racks were to beautiful, minimalistic and unique to not to add to our little Jungle; “JUNO” by Evelien Bleumink.

Hope we gave you enough inspiration to get your first plants for in the bathroom too!
Make it exotic and feel relaxed while rushing to get ready for work every morning.


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