JW Anderson Rainbow-Hued Store Opened In London During Pride Weekend

Chidozie Obasi

Jonathan Anderson opted to set up a store in Soho, choosing to integrate abstract drawings blended with beaming tones. As London Pride happened over July 6th and 7th 2019, Anderson and his team headed to the store’s location over Pride weekend, handing out branded tokens to tourists. To build the store, which is due to open later in 2019, Anderson featured Pol Aganda’s illustration in the external façade, emerging artist which replicated Pride’s theme via seemingly charming colourways.

“Soho is the epicentre of the gay and queer community in London. We found this perfect location on a block in Soho, so we decided to do a display to celebrate. For a designer obsessed by gay culture, I think it’s because I grew up in Northern Ireland, and there was none of it here, no education about the idea of being gay,” Anderson remarked to British Vogue in a statement dating back to 2017.

Likewise, Anderson further-commented: “We posted some photos on our Instagram from Alasdair McLellan a few days before Pride that were very gay. We lost over 10,000 followers. I think it’s crazy that in this day and age that’s still happening.”

Burgeoning the ideals of socialism and identity in modern-day culture becomes of utter importance to emancipate principles which, undoubtedly, have resulted in being a prime cause of clashes back in the day. Bravery isn’t for the miscellaneous, however if we solely boil down to reflect on moves like Anderson’s, we’re able to realise that the show must go on and yet, the battle for equality hasn’t goosed its foot from the game.



Image Credits/JW Anderson


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