KaschKasch – The Cologne-Based Design Studio

Noah Sapon

KaschKasch is a design studio based in Cologne, established in 2011 by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider.  The duo work in product design and focus on creating beautiful pieces of furniture and lighting fixating on a ‘good balance between functionality and emotion’.  Both designers are involved in each step of the process; initial ideas will be either Florian’s or Sebastian’s, and they will then go back and forth and develop the idea until it is ready to be released.

They approach each design differently, and the procedure differs depending on the product, especially between that of lighting and furniture.  When it comes to lighting, they focus more on creating an atmosphere and emotions, they ask themselves “How is the lamp casting shadows?” and “Which angles could be interesting?”.  There is a deep thought process that goes behind each piece and, through this process, the duo always end up creating something beautiful.

Their designs often fuse industrial aspects with a minimalist approach and lots of muted colours and earthy tones, together with complex silhouettes and models, the brand creates an abundance of exquisite products, perfect for any upscale home.

This design duo is one you absolutely have to keep an eye on, their fusion of emotions and functionality is unparalleled, presenting us with one of a kind products that you won’t find anywhere else!


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