Kim Kardashian On Launching ‘Kimono’ Under A New Name

Chidozie Obasi

Kim Kardashian has announced a new name for her latest brand venture: it’s called Kimono Solutionwear. Following the substantial number of controversies across social media, KKW has realised – at least, we hope – her badass cultural blunder.

A statement issued to The New York Times last week made the whole wide world aware that the Kardashian, though she pledged to fully understand the connotation and denotation of kimono in Japanese culture, had zero plans of changing the label’s branding.

Doesn’t she just love being stubborn…

The scandal formed in the origin of the Kimono announcement merged with her social influence and the adverse clamour on social media, pushed Kim to know her place and amend her mistake. In an Instagram post, the star remarked: “I am always listening, learning and growing. I so appreciate the passion and varied perspectives that people bring to me.”

Certainly, it’s about time for her growth to happen with relatively fast pace, before another major catastrophe transpires…



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