Le Labo (finally) in Belgium

Matthias Geerts


Labo Fragrances has finally found his way to Belgium! A few months ago I received an email of someone, who happened to be the CEO, with the question if they could send me a gift, something I would like for sure.. At first I was a bit sceptic about it but then I though well, let’s give it a try.

Just a couple of days later I received my first package of Labo Fragrance, totally clueless about the brand. I still don’t understand why I didn’t. I tested the fragrance and wow.
I was sooo satisfied about the scent. I swear I’m not just talking blogging language but this is the best ever fragrance made in History. I’ve never ever, but literately never ever received soooo many compliments about what I was wearing? Literately everywhere I came, EVERYWHERE, people asked me what I was wearing. I do many events, and every night there are at least 4 people who ask what the hell I’m wearing because it’s so so good. Woman, man they all want to know what I’m wearing.

I was so surprised because in the beginning I didn’t really knew the brand so I just said, oh I’m wearing a perfume of Le labo.. “Le labo what?” I said I don’t know “Le Labo Fragrance or something like that” and every time: “Damn, that’s so good” Well, ha “thanks”

After being asked so much, I decide to look it up properly. Then I saw beside there signature scent Santal 33 they have many more scents, which makes it hard to decide what is good and what is not with a only a description at hand. I actually didn’t order anything because I was so happy with my Santal 33 already.


But then 3 months ago, I was walking around – probably shopping – in Antwerp when I saw that the old Tabac Café in the Schutterhofstraat had disappeared for a new Le labo fragrances store. Believe me, I was as excited as a 5 year old. I almost ran to the store and went inside.. Finally I could meet the brand in person, and discover the other scents. They’re all good. believe me I’m sure you will find one that describes you personality, like you know what I mean. – Don’t go for Santal 33, it’s mine. Seriously.



First I didn’t want to share this story because well, now everyone will probably go and buy Santal 33 and will take it over Antwerp very soon.. I already brought 3 friends of mine to the store and they all went out with a new fragrance, when they actually said they weren’t going to buy anything. That’s how good it is. People of the store know me already by name, this is also because every bottle of perfume will be made in front of you that’s where the name “Labo” comes from and they label your bottle with a personalized label. So that’s why I didn’t want to write this story at first. But I was asked so much please write about it so well I did;




I’ll write some more about my favorite scents soon and which one I’m using when.

Also I have some special ones I’m only using when at home… because oh yea they do sell candles and homesprays as well.
Basically everything.

Check it out and thank me later.



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