Lemaire’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection Was All About Championing Naiveté In Sartorialism. 

Chidozie Obasi

What’s all that fuss for?

Exactly, there simply isn’t any. This season’s show was purposefully deliberated to champion the energy and vitality of spontaneous living, playing with mild actions and implying naiveté in tailoring.  Because that’s the code daringly epitomised by Lemaire, staging its summer collection in the courtyard of the École Duperré, art school located in the Marais that the label has chosen to affiliate with. As breaking boundaries might come across as a far-from-the-norm aspect of the French house’s archetypical rules, tailoring, on this particular occasion, was done right. Enough of all that fuss -opt it minimal but make it fashion.



Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran had designed their collection to soothe a demographic whose longing has no stodgy intentions. There are none overblown sartorial phrasings unlike other runways, let alone dramatic bursts. Garments were present and spoke for themselves, offering an ambience of refinement from alpha to omega. Neutralism, minimalism, and slick-on-chic touches shunned abundantly. As the signature codes of such style aren’t dissimilar season after season, Lemaire’s conviction remains impervious, being utterly thoughtful of the consumers they’re creating for. Thus, here’s to a glut of laid-back, lenient sophistication wearable effortlessly yet ever smartly.

And as per, you never know what could be served in store next season. Daringly-cut outerwear, skin-on-tight trousers, double-breasted nimble lapels or perhaps a crisp take on bodysuits, staple particularly conspicuous in menswear attires. The duo has proved its capacity of producing a handful of neat fastening details, varying their range through earthly shades and darker kinds, too.

Billowing’s among the go-to buzzwords at this season’s catwalk offerings. Now, toss in a pair of gleamingly-sharp loafers: Just watch out, you’ll become a style guru before you know it.

Image Credits/Regis Colin via NOWFASHION


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