Les Hommes FW17 – back to their black base

Matthias Geerts



Back in Antwerp and ready to catch up with my blog, because I know I haven’t been really active the past few weeks. I still have difficulties to keep my blog up to date when I’m abroad. I guess I just need my own desk to write on. However, as soon as my website has its new design I won’t have any choice to keep those articles rolling from my new website since we will cover a lot more than we are doing right now.


I would like to start my recap of MFW ’17 with some impressions of the new Les Hommes collection. Like we are used from the Belgian designer duo their new Fall/Winter17 collection offers strong compositions with bold, masculine and superior cuts. Tom and Bart stick to their traditional black base to build up their new ensembles and added strong variations of red and blue to accentuate their silhouettes. In this collection we see lots of inspiration from the world of aviation but also from the seventies.


This season we also see a lot of aviation inspired accessories such as the black sunglasses but also motorcycle inspired leather gloves and silver earrings, which perfectly match with the silver zippers on the leather jackets and outerwear.


They stay with skinny trousers, but in the upper body they use voluminous shearling collars, big shoulders but not oversized in the actual cut. It just looks enormous sometimes which we think is cool, actually you can see this urban trend on the streets already. Furthermore, the well-known oversized knitwear makes a beautiful come back in this Fall Winter collection as well.


Now a side note about my outfit from their current collection; well, my outfit was pretty motorcycle inspired too. Black and blue were the only tones of my outfit, which I wanted to keep like that. Of course apart from the silver sneakers I was wearing. It’s one of my favorite looks from their last fall winter collection and I was pretty stoked I could wear it for their show this year. Look how fly I was; I could die in that outfit.


For those interested, here is a link to my outfit for their show of last season.












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