Levi’s Shearling

Matthias Geerts



Hey Guys,


It’s been a while! (I know) Buttt the great news is, well if you love reading my posts at least, that I will be writing everyday again from now on! as I have become an officially fulltime blogger. That is right, FULL. TIME. BLOGGER. How awesome is that? It has always been my dream to get to this point and I worked my ass off every day to make this happen!


So as of today I can write full time for you guys and share my experiences through the blog.
As weird as it may seem, this full time blogging already feels like I have less time then before.
I think I just have to reorganizer my life and get everything straight. Yes, I’m the kind of person that needs consistency in his life. – Well don’t we all in some way?


More content will be published in the future, aiming at about 4 to 5 outfits a week, other related fashion articles, writing about what I did during my day and, … yes, starting with vlogging.
Mainly dutch videos at first but I will do my best to upload some english content as well.
If that were to go good I might just start doing everything in English so that you guys can fully experience my vloggin adventure.


Right know I’m pretty excited about everything since so many projects are coming up. Small and big ones. I intend to share all these stories every day, if it may and by doing so to inspire you the best I can.
You’ve probably also read that I am currently working with a web-designer to give the layout of mattgstyle.com a complete overhaul. We’re making room for new kind of articles, videos and my daily outfits. And thus change is needed.


Ok so back to today’s business. what I’m wearing today? A total black outfit, denim shirt of Hydrogen and my brogues of Timberland of last season. (Look last winter) Finished my look with a shearling, what else..? A huge trend this winter! I’m even considering of acquiring another myself. Probably a more classic one.


See you tomorrow? 😉


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Jacket c/o Levi’s | Shop here


Shirt c/o Hydrogen| Shop here


Jeans c/o Levi’s| Shop here


Shoes c/o Timberland | Similar here




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