Living room update

Today on I’ll give you a second tour of our living room. Why? Well, we moved some things around, we bought extra furniture and I just couldn’t help myself from adding extra decoration to turn our living room into a spacy home of relaxation.

As you might have seen on my IG story we ordered two more poufs on First of all, we were really satisfied with our sofas, they’ve already had to endure a lot and they are still in perfect shape. Secondly as we stumbled upon these two elegant pieces in their showroom, we could immediately see their added value to our home decor. Furthermore, has there been a more versatile piece of furniture than the pouf? It’s a seat, a place to rest your feet and a side table all at once, while remaining so easy to move around. Personally, I prefer to use them as side tables and put some magazines, candles or flowers on them, I’m all about the looks for those who did not know me by now.

Another major change in our living room and thanks to this piece we can call our living room kind of finished is our new TV stand from Pastoe. This black beauty is a big upgrade for our living room. We opted for the color black to safeguard ourselves from creating a hotchpotch of different kinds of wood that would not fit together. Furthermore, the black color ads an extra masculine contrast to the pretty living room filled with flowers and decoration. We use our new TV stand not only to fit our TV but also to base our sound bar and as a corner for our vinyl player.  A bit more about Pastoe, the brand is known for their modern yet simple and timeless style of high-quality interior. Moreover, if you head over to their web shop you will discover the endless possibilities they offer to customize furniture for all your needs and space. The quality is excellent and finished into detail. The only slight defect with our cabinet is that after using it quite frequently the doors started faltering from time to time. On the other hand, we might be a bit too “brutal” so be sure to treat it with love.

Candle by Baobab

Carpet by Louis De Poortere

One last update we made is located in the back of our living room, next to the stairs towards the mezzanine and between the kitchen and the living room. Here we placed another side table decorated with books and a blue new vase matching the rest of our interior. The floor lamp you see in the pictures might disappear in the future as it’s quite bright, but for now it will do.

Thus far our living room update. As mentioned before we said it is kind of finished for now. But you know, in my opinion an interior is never finished as I love to play around with new ideas, move things around and add new accessories. I might have to consider this to be a recurring theme on the blog.


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