Finally I can call our apartment finished. I’ve learned the interior is always a work in progress. – But finally I can share with you our very first room of the apartment, and perhaps also the prettiest one of them all.
We’ve opted for a mix of textures like velvet and fabric. In colors I tried to mix and match. Navy, gold, but also lighter blue to create that cosy warm feeling. In metal materials again gold, but also black to add more contrast.

We got our sofas from Sofa Company; designed by ourself. We had to wait quite long, but for an own designed salon it was worth it. We’ve opted for two navy velvet 3-seaters and one small one-seater in light blue fabric.

As you can see it’s a very old apartment, but I love its charm and I try to use it as much as possible.
It’s great to create that warm feeling with all the wood present. The blue side tables with the same pattern as our coffee table are from Notre Monde. I think this is a great color play with the golden carpet and a perfect mix-and-match with the navy velvet sofas and the light blue one-seater.

About our gorgeous carpet I’ve received a lot of questions where it’s from. I got it from the Belgian designer carpet brand; Louis De Poortere. We had many options but blue and gold were definitely two possible winners. We both compared what would look the best in our home, and the latter won the game. We already have three blue sofas and that might be just a little bit too much.
Now, I can play with blue accessories. – Carpet called “Columbus Gold”

I always wanted a read corner. I said to myself: ‘I want to read more books – If I can manage my time better’ – so I created a “cosy” read corner with the one-seater. A mustard velvet pillow, warm blanket (H&M home) and a gold reading-lamp (Sissy Boy). This corner asks to be seated and read that damn book!
Then, as I’m a big plant lover, I tried to fill in that cosy corner with plants and next to our radiator I’ve put some cactus on the ground with a large glass vase.

Big golden candle by Boabab

Next to our stairs, when entering the living room, you find on your left hand – in front of the piano- our beautiful bar cart which we bought again by Notre Monde. They’re known for their fantastic mirror artworks, in trays and furniture.
They immediately add that extra look of luxury to your home, which was exactly what I wanted to create.
I said in a interior post before: ‘with adding some luxury items, you create that Hotel feeling at home by yourself’. I’m a huge fan of that brand right now. – Already saving up for something new!


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