Loewe’s SS20 Draws In An Impalpable Longing Of Escapism From Life’s Malice

Chidozie Obasi

Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe show captured a remarkable state of the collective desire for spiritual escape into what he demarcated a “naive dream state” somewhere impalpable, detached from the mordancies of the present-day tousled society.


Buoyed by the works of artist Hilary Lloyd to inebriate the setting, the Spanish fashion house evoked a “nomadic ambience” through textures and draping, clashing textiles with a hyperbolic modus operandi. The symbolism echoed menacingly, because Anderson has created Loewe through sole cultural approaches. Turning remote hippie moralities into fine eclecticism and primely-induced crafts, levitating his ensembles into contemporary and enlightened pieces. The label’s integrity further-palpitated in the assortment, which spanned from tunics, caftans, sailor’s shirts, to wafting-layered bottoms, completing a picture that saw the brand sourcing its inspiration from a global yet ultra-cultivated influence. Effortlessness overpowered across the archetypal range, encompassing the likes of alternative tuxedos, trench coats and two-button blazers that paved their way into this season’s offering, synthetising the label’s courteous underplayed tailoring parable. This collection, grounded to the core, spooked an inventory of resourceful knitwear, moccasins, leather shoes and a galore of additional supplements.

Anderson’s response truthfully ruptured an era that envisioned escapism like never before, conforming a moderately amplified variance between subordinate lavishness and leading-edge sartorial novelty.


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