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Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys,

This evening is the opening of the new Scapa Sports store in Antwerp. 
I can’t tell you a lot about it so far because I haven’t been there obviously but I will tell you 
all about soon on my blog. What I do know is that the store is located right in the middle of 
the most important fashion area of Antwerp. 
Amongst other great designers this is the perfect spot for a new store.

Of course Scapa sports is the more casual collection of the brand, 
but it still has lots of elegance. 
I’ve already seen their new collection for next season and it is very nice, 
I also like their women collection a lot! 

My look is already a preview of what I will be wearing tonight, so have a good look and if you 
like it you should definitely pay a visit one of these weeks.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to see more of Scapa!

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I’m wearing:
Blazer (c/o Scapa Sport) Sweater (c/o Scapa Sport)
Trousers (c/o Scapa Sport) – Shirt (c/o Scapa Sport)
Belt – (c/o Scapa Sport) – Shoes (Converse, All Stars)


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