Marbek Launches “Forbidden Temptations” Lookbook For Spring/Summer 2019

Chidozie Obasi

Showing us how it’s worn is Marbek this season, London-based streetwear label that recently launched its latest Summer collection. Priding itself of a British heritage, the collection explores the sandy dunes of the magical coast of Sussex. With its 5th anniversary landed upon us, the label’s apparel screams at younger audiences louder than ever. Entitled “Forbidden Temptations”, Marbek provokes sacred and allegorical ideas by using the iconic figure of the snake in the garden of Eden. Trawling inspiration from modern Summer lifestyle and contemporary metaphors, the collection provides a choice of must-have pieces ahead of the countless music festivals, pool parties and luxurious rooftop raves, exploring a sense of style fused with luxury through traditional ways.

“We know that the Marbek customer comes for simple pieces with an element of our DNA, whether that be a small design detail, print or unusual cut” stated the brand in a recent press release. Ultimately, the fundamental belief lies in reinventing classics, modernising pieces to hearten a dialogue between Gen Z. Tonal fffervescence isn’t to be deserted, neither is the logo, which runs across the entire apparel range with more or less remark. Moreover, the apparel comes in a neutral colour palette, showcasing a wide-ranging assortment of ready-to-wear essentials: from raincoats, sports gear, hoodies, shorts to underwear, the collection has the ability to satiate both young and old consumers, through the use of an invigorating lens channelled upon an extensive wave of individuals.

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