Matt sleeps on Matt

Matthias Geerts

Hey Guys,

Hope you’re all doing good! After reading the title. you probably already know what this blogpost is all about. When Matt Sleeps contacted me few months ago to ask if I was interested in partnering up with them to test out their mattress I was pretty much excited. Just the name already got my interest! Furthermore, Matt Sleeps is totally different from all the other mattress company!

They only have one mattress. 100 days try out combined with an incredible service, and not to forget the super fun events they organise.

For example, they organise events for people to get in contact with Matt Sleeps and experience something totally new. They have their famous Matt Hangover Bar. The world first bar where only people with a hangover can enter. Inside, Matt brought different elements together that helps you to recover from your hangover. Now they’ve also got Mattflix. The first Sleeptelevison in the Belgium, see here the link and you will understand what I’m talking about.

I’m super glad me and Matt Sleeps  teamed up for this post. I took 100 days to test out the mattress and I’m sleeping like baby again. Every. single. night. I might sound stupid but I’m always looking forward to coming home when I’m traveling not only to see my boyfriend, family or friends again, but also to come home and sleep in my own comfy bed. Also, because I’m a freelancer working from home, I enjoy it as a working place rather than my own desk. Some people call it lazy, I call it big love for Matt.

Also don’t be afraid of having a bad bargain, because if you do not like it you can just return it up to 100 days! + 10 years warranty!

Furthermore Matt Sleeps received many nominations and prices because of their different mindset in the mattress industry.

Sart up of the year, retail Rookie, Challenger and this year, The Best Online Mattress, if this isn’t enough to order your next mattress online, I don’t know it anymore!

My personal promocode: “mattlovesmatt” gives you 50 EUR off on your next purchase!
Hurry up, only valid for one month!

In partnership with Matt Sleeps ind. story and production all by me.


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