MattG Style’s Editors Share Their Fragrance Bucket List For This Christmas 

Dennis Van Peel

If you’re doubting what to give your male friend, boyfriend, and father, trust us. There’s still a chance we can help you out with the perfect scent, to gift to your loved one this festive season. Receiving a perfume makes every man happy, doesn’t it? But gifting him the right one is another deal to handle. Here, Mattgstyle’s editors decided to pick the most tantalising choices you could ever think of.


INTIMACY MEN – 49,95 EUR – 75ml

The Intimacy men has a mysterious freshness around it, which invites on a trip of full freedom. The head tones are bergamot (and let’s be honest who doesn’t like bergamot?), pepper, nutmeg and cedar wood.

The heart of the perfume is the star of the fragrance sensation, with spicy notes of cardamom and star anise. These warm scenes are balanced by soft violet and green basil.

Hugo Boss – The Scent Absolute – 67,90 EUR – 50ml

This intense perfume is in our top three of our favorites at the office. Boss never disappoints and the Scent Absolute is definitely one of their best releases so far. The spicy tones of ginger and maninka fruits are perfectly balanced with a sweet aroma of rum. If your gifting guy needs to hit someones senses while seducing at the same time, don’t doubt to give him this one.


The Intimacy Intense has the same wooden elements of the previous Intimacy perfume, but with certain tones of citrus added. Think grapefruit, orange and mandarin next to tones of cinnamon, leather and ginger. If your gifting partner is confident, yet mysterious and likes to wear leather jackets and black boots, this is the perfume you need to buy.


The Day Off Vibes perfume is a very light and relaxing scent. It likes to takes the stress of someone during the whole day with it’s soft tones of raspberry and lemon in combination with essences of tonka beans and cedar wood. A perfect scent to gift someone with a large urge to go on trips and long vacations.


The Urban Hero perfume is made for the young gentleman living in the city, who is mysterious but a bit rebellion at the same time. The scent has mainly wooden tones, with hints of leather, black peper and sensual rosewood.  This dark and warm aroma is brought back in balace by fresh hints of lemon caviar.



The Born in Roma is a mainly woody scent. The top notes are violet, ginger and lemon twisted with side tones of leather, Guaiacwood and Clary Sage. It emphasizes the masculine elegance with an unexpected modern edge. Just like the city of Roma which is old and new at the same time, the perfume celebrates the way someone already accomplished and the new road somebody is heading to.

DIOR SAUVAGE “PARFUM” – 88,90 – 60ml 

The Sauvage Parfum is the concentrated integration of the Sauvage. An extreme freshness which is mixed with Oriental flavor, trying to bring wild beauties come to live when touching the skin. The Dior Sauvage is a perfect scent for a man who wants to be a gentleman in the background, but as well steal the spotlight when entering the room. A smell like a spell

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